Virtual Boy
Virtual Boy




Video game console

Retail Release

JP: July 21 1995
NA: August 14 1995


JP: December 22 1995
NA: March 2 1996

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NEC V810



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Nintendo's 3D Systems

The Virtual Boy or バーチャルボーイ is an infamous attempt at making 3D home consoles a reality. It was strongly critised for scrapping colour, and causing Eye Strain. It came with a tripod to mount the console for home use. It has been the least successful Nintendo system since Nintendo released the NES.

It was released with an introuductory price of around $180. Nintendo saw that sales were atrotcious, and recieved extremely poor reception. Nintendo scrapped the console in March 2 1996, not even being on the market for a single year. Only 22 games were ever released for this doomed system [with a few games being scrapped due to the failure of the console].


The console released with only 3 games available, with two or three being released monthly thereafter. Two of the unreleased games have been revived via the Planet Virtual Boy community. These were Bound High and Faceball. The Goldeneye, Mario Adventure and Star Fox games remain unreleased in any form. For more information on games see Games List. Reggie Fils-Aime stated that it would be unlikely that Virtual Boy will ever hit the Virtual Console platform.

Games ListEdit


English Title Japanese Title Genre Developer Publisher Release Date (NA) Release Date (JP)
3D Tetris N/A Puzzle T&E Soft Nintendo March 22 1996 This game was not released in Japan, although originally planned
Bomberman: Panic Bomber

ボンバーマン ぱにっくボンバー Puzzle Hudson Soft Nintendo December 1995 July 21, 1995
Galactic Pinball ギャラクティックピンボール Pinball Intelligent Systems Nintendo August 14, 1995 July 21, 1995
Golf T&E Virtual Golf/T&Eバーチャルゴルフ Sports T&E Soft Nintendo in NA or T&E Soft in JP November 1995 August 11, 1995
Jack Bros ジャック・ブラザースの迷路でヒーホー! Action Atlus Atlus October 1995 September 29, 1995
Innsmouth no Yakata First Person Shooter Be Top l'Max October 13, 1995
Mario Clash マリオクラッシュ Platformer, Action Nintendo R&D Nintendo October 1995 September 28, 1995
Mario's Tennis マリオクラッシュ Sports Nintendo R&D Nintendo August 14, 1995 July 21, 1995
Nester's Funky Bowling Sports Saffire Corporation Nintendo February 26, 1996
Red Alarm レッドアラーム Shooting T&E Soft Nintendo August 14, 1995 July 21, 1995
SD Gundam Dimension War Turn-based Strategy Locomotive Corporation Bandai December 22, 1995
Space Invaders Virtual Collection Shooting Taito December 1, 1995
Space Squash Sports Tomcat System Coconuts Japan September 29, 1995
TeleroBoxer スペーススカッシュ Fighting Nintendo R&D Nintendo August 14, 1995 July 21, 1995
V-Tetris Puzzle Bullet-Proof Software Bullet-Proof Software August 25, 1995
Vertical Force Vertical Force Shoot em' Up Hudson Soft Nintendo December 1995 August 12, 1995
Virtual Bowling Sports Athena Athena December 22, 1995
Virtual Boy Wario Land バーチャルボーイワリオ・ランドアワゾンの秘宝 Platforming Nintendo R&D Nintendo November 27, 1995 December 1, 1995
Virtual Fishing Sports Pack-In-Video Pack-In-Video in Japan or THQ in America October 6, 1995
Virtual Lab Puzzle J-Wing J-Wing December 8, 1995
Virtual League Baseball バーチャルプロ野球'95 Sports Kemco Kemco September 11, 1995 August 11, 1995
Waterworld Action Ocean of America Ocean of America December 21, 1995


* Bound High - A puzzle game by Japan Supply System
* Doraemon - A platformer game by Epoch
* Dragon Hopper - An action by Intelligent Systems
* MIDI Maze - A shooter game by Bullet-Proof Software
* GoldenEye 007 - A rail shooter by Nintendo
* Interceptor - A shooter game by Coconuts
* J League 3D Stage - A sports game by J-Wing
* Mario Adventure - A platformer game by Nintendo
* Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - An action game by Bandai
* Night Landing - A game by POW
* Niko-Chan Battle - An action game by Bullet-Proof software
* Out of Deathmount - A shooter game by J-Wing
* Protious Zone - A game by Coconuts
* Puyo Puyo Tsu - A puzzle game by Compile
* Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - A sports game by Tomy
* Sundays Point - A game by Coconuts
* Mario Kart Virtual Cup - A racing game by Nintendo
* VI Racer - A racing game by an unknown developer
* Virtual Battle Ball - A game by Hect
* Virtual Block - A puzzle game by Bottom Up
* Virtual Double - A puzzle game by Vap
* Virtual Gunmen - A shooter game by Victor Games
* Mahjong - A puzzle game by Vap
* Worms - A puzzle game by an unknown developer
* Zero Racers - A racing game by Nintendo
* Virtual Boy StarFox - A shooter game by Nintendo

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