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Welcome to the The Video Game Wiki

This wiki is specifically about video games, that does not mean that is the only thing you can talk about here, but it should be the main reason you are here. Enjoy all we have to offer. Please before you do anything on this wiki, read our rules, it will only take about two minutes to read, if you are a slow reader. LordCanos is the owner of this wiki and IndieGengar is the head admin. Any user caught using the tool WHAM, without being an admin, they will be immediately blocked.

To start, create a page for The Video Game Wiki:

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Latest News

July 28th 2014 - New news on Persona 5 from Video Game Uncovered. Link to article can be found here.

Check out my blog post for more info.

Featured Game

We have a new featured game, Shovel Knights developed by Yacht Club Games. For more info about this game, check out its website: It can be found on Steam, purchase/download it here!

Check out my blog post for more info.

Featured Article

To be decided.

Featured Editor

Godzilla Gamer

Affiliated sites

Video Game Central

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