Star Wars Battlefront is a game series based on the movie series first realsed in 2004 and the newest one is out in November 2015.


Released on the PS2, Xbox, PC, Mobile phones and Mac Jedies are not playable in the first one thanks to some missing filies but Tuskan Raders are in the dune scene in Naboo.


Released on the PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP this one was better then the first more files better graphics it included a story mode and space battles the story is based around the 501st leagion.


Released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC better game engine graphics battles with next gen graphics DLC will be released in December.

Other seriesEdit

two games are not in the main series such as renage sqaudings and mobile squadings both on mobile devices.

Canceled gamesEdit

3 games have been canceled such as Star wars battlefront online it was going to come out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 but was canceled as it did not make the release date.

Star Wars first assault and version two was also canceld since LucasArts shut down.

And Star Wars battlefront III (Old version before the 2015 one) it was going to be released in 2006-10 area but never meet the release date as the early one in 2012 they finally canceld the game.

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