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1 player, 2 player

Sonic Extreme is an unreleased skateboarding game starring Sonic the Hedgehog.

Leaked ContentEdit

This game was never officially revealed to the public, it is speculated that SEGA rejected the idea leading to the product's demise. However, someone purchased an Xbox Dev Kit and found an early build of the game inside. He quickly uploaded footage to the internet.

It is apparent through playing this early build that it was released soon after Sonic Adventure 2. This prototype [unfinished, so there may have been more content intended] included three game modes which are as follows:

  • Mission - Collecting keys to unlock new areas on the map
  • Battle - The player would have to attack other players on the map
  • Race - Sonic and Shadow race against each-other

That brings me on to the two playable characters, Sonic and Shadow. More were probably intended as this was just a prototype, but we will never know. It is said that some aspects are borrowed from the Tony Hawk games.


Although this was a prototype, people were quick to review it. Computer and Video Games said it was "basically another utterly rubbish skateboarding spin-off". Similar to that statement, VG247 called it "compellingly awful". Team Xbox was less negative, saying "gameplay and level design is still pretty basic. Movement and character animations are also fairly glitchy".

But then again, this game was never released to the general public, so it may have undergone tweaks if the project was accepted and released.

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