This article (Sister Sonic) is about a cancelled game, so information is limited. You may not submit User Reviews for this game, as it has never officially been released.
Sister Sonic


Falcom, SEGA, Sonic Team




Sonic the Hedgehog







Sister Sonic is a cancelled RPG in the Sonic series. It was to be a reworking of Popful mail but with Sonic characters. The game was also going to star Sonic's sister. However, a translation of the original game was favoured and the game was ultimately scrapped.


In 1993, EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) reported that SEGA was working on an RPG called Sister Sonic. They stated it was to be revealed at the toy fair in June. The game however did not debut here as planned. It was eventually revealed that the game was a rework of Popful Mail with Sonic characters, also containing Sonic's sister.

This would have been similar to Doki-Doki Universe with Super Mario Bros 2. In this case the original sequel was deemed too hard, so instead for an NA and EU release they would reskin Doki Doki Universe, with some extra features from Super Mario.

The fans appealed to SEGA, with large fan campaigns to release the game in the original state, without reskinning the characters. Due to this negative feedback, the game was delayed then furthermore cancelled. They instead released the game in it's original state with only translations.

There would not be an RPG in the Sonic series until Sonic Chronicles.

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