Everyone know that cute little Pokemon Pikachu, right? Well Pokemon is not all about Pikachu, & it is certainly not about cuteness. (Except in Pokemon contest or fans who just like the dolls.) It is about battling, it is about the six crucial catagories to a Pokemon's strength. HP, Attack, Defence, Special attack, Special defence and speed. Let me get into detail about these stats, (That is what they are called.) 

Here are the highest stat total Pokemon for each stat:

HP: Blissey (HP at max is 714.)
  • Blissey
  • Mega Mewtwo X
  • Mega Mewtwo Y
  • Shuckle
  • Deoxys speed form
  • Mega Aggron

Attack: MegaMewtwo X (Attack at max is 526.)

Defense: It is a tie between Shuckle and Mega Aggron. (Both 614 max)

Special Attack: MegaMewtwo Y (Special attack at max is 535.) (Latios has the highest if you give it the Soul Dew.)

Special Defense: Shuckle (Special defense at max is 614)

Speed: Deoxys Speed form (Max speed is 504)

So here is a scenario; You send out a lv.100 Infernape and your freind sends out a lv.75 Infernape. You laugh to yourself, "Ha! that rare candy cheat I used made my Chimchar a lv.100 Infernape without even training it is gonna pay of so much! You are going down NOOB!" You select the move Flare Blitz, expecting to go first, but your friends Infernape goes first, and uses the move Earthquake. Your Infernape faints in one hit. You ponder to yourself how that could have possibly happened. You think the only solution is he hacked his Infernape to have max stats.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! The person lost because when they used rare candies to level up their Chimchar, it never got a chance to actually boost its stats. Because the only way to boost a stat it by raising a Pokemon's EV's or IV's. When using a rare candy a Pokemon gains no EV's, (Unless you use a stat boosting item first.) This being said, the chances of a level 75 Infernape beating a level 100 Infernape are not very high. So if you want you Pokemon to have good stats, train it by beating wild Pokemon. Do not be a noob and use cheats to make your Pokemon strong. Only noobs do noobish things like that. Please do not be a noob, nobody likes noobs. (The only kind of noob I have nothing against are newbs. They are a different kind of noob. Newbs are acceptable. Noobs are not.)      

Pokemon BreedingEdit

Have you ever noticed that there is a daycare in the your Pokemon game? (Only in Generation II and on, of course.) I'm sure you have and thought that 


you found a way to train your Pokemon for just 100 pokedollars, and 100 extra pokedollars each level (or whatever they are.) per level. I'm sure this excited most people. But that is not all the daycare can be used for, it can also be used to make Pokemon eggs, IF the two Pokemon in the daycare are in the same egg group. Some Pokemon can only be obtained via hatching, such as Igglybuff, Smoochum, Phione ect... Some of these Pokemon, such as Munchlax, can only hatch into a Munchlax if one of it parents (A snorlax) is holding a lax insense. This will not work if one of the parents is a Ditto and is holding the lax insense.


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