Chat rules

Failure to abide by these rules will get you banned. Edit


1. No racial slurs

2. No making fun of anybody's family. (This includes yo mamma jokes.)

3. No making fun of someone's gender preference, no making jokes or using words like gay in relation to an object. 

4. No asking personal information, you may ask somebody's E-mail address, but if they say no you may NOT ask again.

5. Do not team up on a single person and beat them down. Not everyone is perfect but we can deal with it, we should all be responsible enough to know that.

6. Have fun. (NO EXCEPTIONS!) haha! :)

About Adding To Pages

1. Only add information to a page that is in relation to the page itself (ex. Only add Pokemon info to a Pokemon page.)

2. If you wish to add a page to this wiki that does not have to do with video games, you must ask either me, or an admin. (Either way you are pretty much still asking me.)

3. If you wish to write a story a video game, you must make sure to specifically name it so that people know it is not the page for that video game. (Ex. If you are making a story about Skyrim, do not name it Skyrim, name it Adventures in Skyrim (story.) If you do not give it a specific name it WILL be deleted.

About being banned or kicked from chat

3 kicks from chat = 1 ban from site and chatEdit

1st ban: 1 day ban

2nd ban: 1 week ban

3rd ban: I month ban

4th ban: 2 month ban

5th ban: 8 month ban

6th ban: Complete ban from this wiki


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