October 14, 2014


News for the OR/AS demo has been released. Apparently in the demo you are trying to stop team Magma and Aqua who are trying to catch either Steelix or Glalie, who have been revealed to mega evolve. There are apparently island on which you have missions to do. You receive better items the more times you beat the demo. Apparently the demo ends when you beat the final elder who has a Blaziken, Sceptile, Swampert and Hariyama.


In other news, some other new megas have been revealed. Mega Pidgeot, who has the ability No Gaurd, mega Beedrill, with the ability Adaptibility, mega Latias, and Latios.

October 2nd, 2014



Mega Rayquaza has been revealed! Today during the live stream for Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire the fan loved Pokemon was revealed to have a mega evolution. Mega Rayquaza has the ability Delta Stream, which negates all effects of other weather, weakens attacks that are supper effective to all flying types in the field, and prevents other weather from happening while Rayquaza is in battle. It has a new attack called Dragon accent. So far that is all that is know about this new, awesome mega evolution.

Video can be found here

October 1st, 2014



 From October 1st- October 31st an event pokemon is available for North America and Europe. A super-sized Pumpkaboo holding a Rocky Helmet. This is probably do to the fact that in the upcoming Trick-Or-Treat competion the player is required to have a super-sized Gourgeist. It's moves are, Scary face, Trick-or-Treat, Astonish and Shadow Sneak.      

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A Pokemon competition is here, and it is in the spirit of Halloween. It is called the Trick-Or-Treat competion and you are only allowed to use ghost-type Pokemon, excluding Rotom and Ghiratina. Registration period runs from October 16th - October 23rd. Battle will be held from October 24th - October 26th. You can only use Pokemon caught, obtained or hatched in the Kalos region. The reward for entering the competion is five rare candies. You must have at least one battle to enter the officail rankings. Good luck to any who join, I will also be in the competition(LordCanos).  

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