Luigi's Mansion is an adventure game released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001. It stars Luigi as the main protagonist.

Plot Edit

Luigi received a flyer in the mail that he has won a mansion through a contest he entered (but he never entered it), and excitedly runs off to see it. After getting lost in the woods for several hours, he stumbles upon a creepy looking mansion, and unsurely opens the door and goes inside. He eventually meets up with Professor E.Gadd and the two head back to his lab and explains the situation. It turns out Mario had gone into the mansion previously, but never came back out. He's afraid he might be trapped. Luigi goes from room to room flushing out escaped ghosts and "portrait ghosts" (mini-bosses), and accidently unleashes Boos that were trapped underneath a wooden panel. Luigi makes his through the mansion, new areas being unlocked after area boss battles. Outside, there's a well leading down to the basement section of the mansion, Luigi sees Mario trapped in a golden painting. Eventually Luigi meets up with Van Gore, a ghostly painter based off of Van Gogh, and explains that all the portraits were created by him. Luigi heads to the basement after collecting a good portion of Boos, and fights King Boo to rescue Mario.

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