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Kirby Sprite

Kirby's Sprite In Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

Did You Know? Kirby was orginally going to be yellow, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted him yellow, but Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby wanted him pink. They could not decide in time so, the box art of the american NES version of Kirby, Kirby's Adeventure they made him white. Masahiro won, obviously and Kirby was then pink forever.

Kirby's DesignEdit

Kirby, also known as ティンクル・ポポ, in Japan known as Tinkuru popo, is a pink ball with two pink "wings" and long, vertical black eyes, he has two maroon "shoes" and/or feet, and a "small" black mouth with no teeth and a red tounge. Or, as the introduction of Kirby's Adventure "First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes, add a great big smile, and presto, it's Kirby!"

Dream LandEdit


D-Bill Symbol

Kirby and Cake

Kirby and his Strawberry Shortcake

Kirby lives in Dream Land, a country in his home planet of Pop Star. Dream Land, or プププランド in Japan, known as Pupupuland. Dream Land is ruled by King Dedede, a rich tyrant who has done nothing for the people or Dream Land at all. The main creature that lives in Dream Land are Waddle Dees a orange ball that is much like Kirby, but doesn't have any powers and no mouth. Most creatures in Dream Land, well, love to dream and are quite peaceful, but some are not so nice. D-Bills is the currency in Dream Land, this has not been confirmed in the games, but in Kirby's TV show, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! It is the currency of Dream Land is D-Bills. Dream Land was also featured in Super Smash Bros. as a map called Classic Dream Land.

Kirby's Eating HabitsEdit

Kirby, as most people know, loves to eat, he loves to eat so much, it's his main power! Within that power he has a power to make food to eat! (That power is called Chef.) When Kirby isn't saving Dream Land he is eating and sleeping, Kirby's favorite food is tomatoes, even better, Maxim Tomatoes. Kirby has a very large appetite, he does have limits though. Kirby in Kirby's Epic Yarn Kirby and Prince Fluff have an eating contest, and Kirby can eat part of a CAKE MOUNTAIN! Kirby was actually once reminded not to eat the camera to his own freaking game!

Kirby's Copy AbilityEdit

When Kirby inhales a enemy he has the option to spit out as a star, or tepending on the enemy he can swallow it and steal it's power, normally by pressing the down arrow. He has many powers, including fire breath, electric shock, ice breath and even a sword and a green pointed hat that is an obvious reference to Link's hat from The Legend Of Zelda series.

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