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Call of Duty 4


SAS vs Spetsnaz



Corresponding Campaign map




Hill was a map that was intended to be included in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. It's apparent that the map got very far in development, as multiple files exist on the disc.

Remnants Edit

The file "loadscreen_mp_hill.iwi" was discovered in the game's source, and is the loading screen that looks strikingly familiar. This map was going to be the Multiplayer version of the campaign mission Heat.

Analysing the script file Edit

The script file states that the map would be SAS vs Spetsnaz (although the USMC does make an appearance late in the level). It is also situated in northern Azerbaijan and would support all game types. The decision to cut the map may have been influenced by the fact that there are many hiding places in the map. Also, the team that spawned uphill would have the advantage. If it follows the plot of the game, it would have been SAS.

Other ObservationsEdit

You can see the downed helicopter from Heat in the loading screen.

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