See the table below

Name Magnavox Odyssey Magnavox Odyssey Series Atari Pong Binatone Coleco Telstar Nintendo Color TV Game
Manufacturer Magnavox Magnavox Atari Binatone Coleco Nintendo
Launch Price $100 $100-230 $98.95 £35 $50 ¥8,300 - ¥48,000
Magnavox Odyssey

Magnavox Odyssey

Magnavox Odyssey Series

M.O Series

Nintendo TV
Release Date

JP: May 1973

EU: 1973

NA: 1975 NA: 1976

UK: 1975 NA: 1976

NA: 1976 NA: 1977
Media Cartridge Various Inbuilt Chip Inbuilt Chip Inbuilt Chip, Cartridge Inbuilt Chip
Accessories Light gun Paddles and light gun Controller styles
Sales 330,000 150,000 1 million 3 million

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