This article (Fallout Extreme) is about a cancelled game, so information is limited. You may not submit User Reviews for this game, as it has never officially been released.
Fallout Extreme
Fallout Extreme -220px-
Concept logo


14 Degrees East


Interplay Entertainment




Unreal Engine


Xbox, PS2

Fallout Extreme was a cancelled Squad Based Tactical Shooter. The title was developed by 14 Degrees East studios and was going to be published by Interplay Entertainment. It was going to be released for the Xbox and would run on the Unreal engine.

The developers failed to find a ground concept though, and the project was later scrapped with no gameplay footage existing. A concept for the logo was later recovered, but Interplay did not attempt to bring the series to consoles again until Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, which did release.

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