Euro truck simulator or European truck simulator 2. is a game brought out in 2012 by SCS Software this is a simulator game about driving trucks around Europe you can get mods. For more maps, trucks and vehicles.


This game was brought out on the PC by Steam in 2012 it has good graphics better then the first one in the base game. You can drive through Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.


players can choose there the first HQ were they start as well and first truck when you get a lot of money. from Volvo Scania Iveco and many more there are mods to get Kingston and many other trucks


there are 4 DLC packs you can buy from steam they are

1) Going East this DLC added new cities in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary
2) Scandinavia this DLC added new countries Denmark Norway and Sweden and Volvo truck trailers.                                                                                3) Viva La France - this fixes up france map adding some new cargo traliers and France map                                                                                         4) Italy - Hasen't been released yet but it's going to add the Italy map new cargo and traliers.


there are lots of mod sites to get mods from there are lots of maps as well such as France Spain Portugal Russia North Africa Italy Greece and many more countries

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