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Don't Buy This is a ZX Spectrum compilation that contains the poorest games submitted to Firebird. It was sold on cassette, in 1985 for only £2.50, it was obviously met with negative reception. But then again, it says it in the title, and they got what was advertised "Five of the Worst Games Ever".


  • Fido 1 - A game were a puppy called Fido that has to protect an area from moles and birds.
  • Fido 2 - Basically the same as Fido, but the player can move up and down as well as destroying enemies with lasers to regenerate health.
  • Race Ace - A racing game with atrocious graphics, even for the era. The player controls a blue car, racing against other cars. However, the game is impossible to win due to the fact that the opponents speed up when the car turns.
  • Fruit Machine - The player plays a poorly animated fruit machine. The reels don't even spin, they move slowly. The game's instructions are rather sarcastic; it plays an 8-bit medley when the player wins.
  • Weasel Willy - The player controls a weasel, as he attempts to avoid trees by running forward. The trees spawn in at random places, occasionally spawning right in the player's path.


Your Spectrum: The games aren't that bad as do-it-yourself games but, they won't provide that much fun
Sinclair User: Five of the most uninspired games ever to disgrace the Spectrum

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