Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Most likely USMC vs OpFor


Middle East



Cellblock was a map that was planned for Call of Duty 4. It got quite far in development, as a mini-map is present in the game's files.


The compass/mini-map file for this map is present in the form of "compass_map_mp_cellblock.iwi". It's also referenced in the "mpui.str" file, present in the game's files. It can be found within the raw/English/localizedstrings directory.

Map DescriptionEdit

The map is said to be based in a Middle East jail. From the minimap, you can see the map is pretty small. However, the map was intended to have 3 stories, expanding it's size. The jail also has a car that has crashed into it, as well as stacks of barrels scattered around the map. The purpouse of these are unknown.

The map seems to share similarities with Vacant.

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