Action 52
Action 52 -220px-
NES Box Art


Active Enterprises


Raul Gomila
Vince Perri


Vince Perri


Mario Gonzalez


Javier Perez


Albert Hernandez & Cronos Engineering, Inc.



Release Dates

NES: 1991
Genesis: 1993


16-megabit cartridge


Mario Gonzalez & Javier Perez

Action 52 is a series of two unlicensed multi-carts that consist of 52 games [thus the title]. It was developed by Active Enterprises [or FarSight Studios, depending on platform]. It was sold for a ridiculous $200, approx. $4 per game. The quality of the games were below abysmal, and soon gained notoriety.

The 52 games range in genres although they mainly consist of side-scrollers, and among the games are Cheetahman, Active's attempt at creating a mainstream cartoon/game series similar to TMNT.

NES VersionEdit

Action 52 for the NES was the first version of this multi-cart. It contained far more glitches than its Genesis counterpart. It was released in 1991.

List of GamesEdit

Game No. Game Name Notable Errors/Notes
1 Firebreather Two Players Only
2 Starevil Known to crash


4 G-Force FGT N/A
5 Ooze Crashes on Level 2, despite 100k competition for passing Level 5
6 Silver Sword N/A
7 Critical BP N/A

Jupiter Scope

9 Alfredo Frequently fails to load
10 Operation Full-Moon N/A
11 Dam Busters N/A
12 Thrusters Known to crash
13 Haunted Hill N/A
14 Chill Out N/A
15 Sharks N/A
16 Megalonia N/A
17 French Baker N/A
18 Atmos Quake N/A
19 Meong N/A
20 Space Dreams N/A
21 Streemerz Known to crash
22 Spread Fire N/A
23 Bubblegum Rosy N/A
24 Micro Mike N/A
25 Underground N/A
26 Rocket Jock N/A
27 Non-Human N/A
28 Cry baby N/A
29 Slashers N/A
30 Crazy Shuffle N/A
31 Fuzz Power N/A
32 Shooting Gallery Known to crash
33 Lollipops Some music glitches
34 Evil Empire N/A
35 Sombreros N/A
36 Storm over the Desert N/A
37 Mash Man N/A
38 They Came... Known to crash
39 Lazer League N/A
40 Billy Bob

Known to crash

41 City of Doom N/A
42 Bits n Pieces N/A
43 Beeps n Blips N/A
44 Manchester N/A
45 Boss N/A
46 Dedant N/A
47 Hambo N/A
48 Timewarp N/A
49 Jigsaw Frequently fails to load
50 Ninja Assault N/A
51 Robbie Robot N/A
52 Cheetahmen N/A

Although not noted, most of these games had a handful of glitches, some minor, some nearly breaking the game.

Other InfoEdit

Soon after the cart was released to the general public, the developer opened a contest. They stated whoever could beat Level 5 of the game Ooze [bundled on the cart] would win $104,000. This was impossible without an emulator and thus no-one won the prize.

Cheetahman, the 52nd game on the cart was supposed to become a series of its own. This series was to be a complete comic book, toy, TV Show and Video Game series, a competitor to TMNT. However, this was scrapped after negative reviews of the game surfaced.

Genesis VersionEdit

Action 52 for the Genesis was the second version of the game, with improved games and graphics.

List of GamesEdit

No. Game
1 Bonkers
2 Darksyne
3 Dyno Tennis
4 Ooze
5 Star Ball
6 Sidewinder
7 Daytona
8 15 Puzzle
9 Sketch
10 Star Duel
11 Haunted Hill
12 Alfredo
13 The Cheetahman
14 Skirmish
15 Depth Charge
16 Minds Eye
17 Alien Attack
18 Billy Bob
19 Sharks
20 Knockout
21 Intruder
22 Echo
23 Freeway
24 Mousetrap
25 Ninja
26 Slalom
27 Dauntless
28 Force One
29 Spidey
30 Appleseed
31 Skater
32 Sunday Drive
33 Star Evil
34 Air Command
35 Shootout
36 Bombs Away
37 Speed Boat
38 Dedant
39 G Fighter
40 Man at Arms
41 Norman
42 Armor Battle
43 Magic Bean
44 Apache
45 Paratrooper
46 Sky Avenger
47 Sharpshooter
48 Meteor
49 Black Hole
50 The Boss
51 First Game [port of Pong]
52 Challenge

Other InfoEdit

This version was developed by FarSight Technologies, and released in 1994. Much more care was taken into the development of this game, containing less bugs and more stable games.

The games on the menu were color coded "Beginner" (Green), "Intermediate" (Purple), "Expert" (Yellow) and "Multiplayer" (Blue). Also on the menu, is a music test mode and a randomiser (which picks a random game from the cartridge). The final game on the cart is an endurance test of how long the player can last playing through the games in a random order.

Several other new games were introduced, as well as different character designs in the Cheetahmen game.

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